453 Oversize Plug & Hoist Control Covers


Ideal for Odd Size, Large Connectors and Hoist Controls

Product Code:

453L 453XL 453XXL

$ 0.00 USD
Plug & Hoist Control Cover:

453L (7"dia x 17" tall)

453XL (10"dia x 26" tall)

453XXL (14"dia x 36" tall)

  • Oversize Plug & Hoist Control Cover
  • Effectively covers odd size and large electrical connectors and hoist controls
  • The cinch sack offers broad application solutions - suggestion: slide controls into PVC tubing to block access to hoist control buttons then slide into sack
  • Flexible & durable rip-stop nylon bag fits easily in safety tool boxes
  • Lock out with up to 6 padlocks or hasps