Resettable Combination Locks


Set-your-own 4-Digit Combination

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175 175LH 176 176LH 178BLK

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Resettable Comb Locks:
Shackles for Reset Comb Locks:

All locks have a 2" (51mm) wide body and hardened steel shackles with a standard 1" (25mm) vertical shackle clearance

Model# 175: Brass, Set-Your-Own Combination

Model# 175LH: Brass, Set-Your-Own Combination and longer 2-1/4" (57mm) Shackle 

Model# 176: Brass, Set-Your-Own Combination and Key Over-Ride feature 

*Over-Ride Keys Are Sold Separately, K7*

Model# 176LH: Brass, Set-Your-Own Comb, Key Over-Ride feature and longer 2-1/4" (57mm) Shackle Clearance

*Over-Ride Keys Are Sold Separately, K7*

Model# 178BLK: Black Die-Cast, Set-Your-Own Combination