Confined Space Covers


Entry Protection and Danger Signage


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S201CS S202CS S203CS

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  • The covers offer Barrier Protection and Danger Signage to meet and exceed regulations for confined space
  • Designed to protect employees from the dangers associated with confined spaces
  • Easy to use and covers are applied in seconds
  • Ventilated models prevent entry and allow airflow
  • Wards against weather, debris and pests entering the confined space
  • Lockable and non-lockable models available

When are covers used?

  • Once an entryway is opened it provides signage needed
  • Infrequent entry - Provides security and a shield against contamination of space
  • Breaks in active maintenace a ventilated cover provides signage and air flow.
  • Reusable covers made from durable fabric to stand up to extreme environments

3 Models 

  • S201CS Elastic, ventilated cover; non-lockable
  • S202CS Ventilated cover; lockable
  • S203CS Solid cover; lockable

4 Sizes

Man-way diameter (also depends on flange size)

  • Man-Way Diameter 20" to 23" Size SMALL (Suffix "S")
  • Man-Way Diameter 23" to 28" Size MEDIUM (Suffix "M")
  • Man-Way Diameter 28" to 32" Size LARGE (Suffix "L")
  • Man-Way Diameter 32" to 39" Size X-LARGE (Suffix "XL")

Padlocks for Lockable Covers

  • Security locks such as Master Lock Pro Series 6121 or Guard 834 Brass