S2390 Series Miniatures


Suitable For Most Miniature ISO/DIN Circuit Breakers

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S2390 S2391 S2392 S2393 S2394

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Miniature Circuit Breaker LO's:

Model# S2390:  Fits standard width toggle openings, pin-out breakers 11mm or less, Black Handle

Model# S2391:  Fits wide toggle openings, pin-out breakers 11mm to 13mm, Red Handle

Model# S2392:  Fits breakers with pin-in toggles

Model# S2393:  Fits universal breaker toggles

Model# S2394:  Fits universal breaker toggles, thumb-turn dial screw for easy attachment "tool-free"

  • 5 Models of Miniature Lockouts for standard width, wide, pin-in toggles and pin-out circuit breakers
  • Devices work with all Master Lock and American Lock Safety Padlocks and most lockout hasps
  • Effective lockout of electrical shut-off points